Lessons in Geology

Hello again my freaky darlings! So my first class of the day was at 4:35 pm today. Yay! Did I sleep in? No! I have been studying chemistry since 9:30 am.

My only class today was my favorite class of all—Earth Materials! We just finished up learning about crystalography and today we moved on to my favorite subject, igneous rocks! Naturally, I was so excited I had to post it on le Facebooklings. To my great surprise it received a great response:

Geology punsBut wait, there are more puns:

It's been a punny day.

My family can be very punny, I didn’t really expect it from Chris though! Or Rae for that matter… Since when does she tell puns? She is on her own computer at the moment approx. 2 feet away from me and she doesn’t even know I’m writing about her. She isn’t doing her homework. She is on Facebook. Naughtyyyy.

I must get back to my studying now darlings. Take care and have a gneiss week. Ahhh geology puns!!!

This rock rocks!

We know. We rock!

Seriously considering getting a pet rock now.

Luuuurve, Maddykins

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About Maddy McKenna

I'm an aspiring climate scientist, currently studying atmospheric science and working towards my Ph.D. at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. B.S. Environmental Science, Northeastern University. M.A. Climate and Society, Columbia University.

1 thought on “Lessons in Geology

  1. That my dear was a great run of puns, and an awesome blog post! Good luck studying! What’s your new pet rocks name!?? I see his portrait above!

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